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Interviews with the Artist 

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I’ve been lucky to have received press coverage, both about my solo work and my group exhibitions. Check out some of the latest headlines about my work below. 


Meet Trailblazer Nia-Alexsandra Wallace

This was my first ever artist interview with Voyageatl where I briefly discuss my art practice, women artists who inspire me, and my experiences dealing with depression while being an artist. 

Black Cherry Mag: Nia-Alexsandra Wallace

An interview by Tyla Pink where I cover the themes I include in my art, my favorite Black Contemporary artists, the artist scene in New York, my experince being a Afro-latina woman artist, and my future plans for my Art career. 


Portaits of Ipseity: Senior Thesis Project 

This is an online gallery titled “Portraits of Ipseity”, that my graduating class created in order to display our senior thesis projects.We were unable to showcase our final projects in the FIT Art & Design showroom due to Covid and everything having to be moved online. This was very disappointing to my class as you could imagine, so now this website exists to show all the hard work we put in.The page on my project includes the art pieces themselves, their dimensions,the mediums, and a bit of a background on what the paintings mean to me. 

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