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About the Artist

New York City based artist Nia-Alexsandra Wallace, is an experimental surrealist using her art to expand the narrative behind self reflection. Her work embodies real conversations with the self, and all the nuance of how memory as well as how shadow work shapes our lives. In addition, her work is indicative of how spirituality interacts with the conscious and subconscious mind, the confrontation of trauma in her life, and her place in the world. Compelling, and dynamic in composition her work takes inspiration from several contemporary Black artists. She aims to depict all the intricacy, beauty, and sometimes horror of the Black experience. Although she draws inspiration from these incredible resources, she has a unique style that calls to her audience in an intimate way. As of recently, Nia has used her artwork as a means to make sense of her mental illness and to better navigate the world through a new lens. She hopes to remove the stigma associated with mental illness and be a voice to those living with shame due to a diagnosis. A champion of vulnerability in her work, we can see how her use of color in all her works carries depth and symbolism.

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